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Have you ever felt overwhelmed while trying to grow your business and raise a family? Have you ever felt guilty about missing out on moments with your kids? Have you ever been so frustrated with lack of results you wanted to quit entrepreneurship all together?


You're Not Alone.

Inside this breakthrough survival guide for entrepreneurs, you'll discover the tools and strategies you need to grow a wildly successful business that you love... Without sacrificing time & relationships with those that matter to you most.

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Cari Higham is an Influence Marketing Strategist and Social Media Lead Generation Expert.

Building several 6 and 7-figure businesses from the ground up over the past 5 years, she has a passion for helping entrepreneurs level up their skills and mindset to create financial freedom… so they can live lives full of choice and abundance.

Calling Utah home with her husband Whit and 3 children, Cari is a speaker, mentor and trainer to thousands of home business owners across the world.

“You Got This Girl” is her breakthrough story to overcoming obstacles, getting results and creating a freedom filled life.


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Cari is not afraid to challenge the norm, which has led her to come up with strategies and processes that WORK for entrepreneurs. Inside this book you'll get clear on how to pivot and get to YOUR success faster. 

This book will completely change your life because you will never be the same once you meet Cari Higham.

She just does that to people.

Brandy Shaver

I'm so excited you're getting a chance to read this book. When the 'Cari Highams' of the world come into your life, you might not even realize how blessed you are. You're going to fall in love with Cari's stories and passion. You'll feel like you've got a girlfriend cheering you on, encouraging you to conquer that next hurdle. 

Angel Tuccy

With Cari’s help, I went from ready to quit, to building a business I love and earning what I always dreamt of earning. This book will provide you with the tools you need to make it happen for yourself. Every entrepreneur needs to grab a copy and read it several times to glean all the valuable info in store for you.

Fran Loubser

Cari Higham is one of the most gifted teachers and coaches I have ever met. She passionately leads from the heart with joy and humor that's contagious.

Having worked beside her for many years, it has been an honor and privilege to see her blossom into the influential leader she is today.

Tim Erway

Not only has Cari been a huge help in guiding me as I’ve built a personal 6-figure business, but her expertise in limiting beliefs, evaluation and online marketing has also helped thousands of other entrepreneurs from around the globe create massive success. 

This book is real, raw, bold and has no fluff.  It’s exactly what every Momprenuer needs to read if they want to rock their life and business.

Adrian Lindeen

Cari's method of building a business in an hour a day has helped me tremendously. Listening to her speak and train completely shifted the way I do business. I highly recommend any entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or network marketer buy this book as it will completely transform the way you do business!

Tina Torres

When I first started working with Cari & her husband Whit, they were living in a basement with their 2 kids, struggling to buy food for their family. 5 years later, they've built a 7-figure business and are living their dreams. 

My recommendation is you gobble up every word of this book so it can nourish your spirit and income.

Ferny Ceballos

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else who has as much determination, passion and heart that Cari has for impacting others. It’s been such a pleasure watching her develop into the Entrepreneur that she is today.

If you’re looking to kick whatever you’re trying to accomplish into high gear... Stop reading this and start digging into Cari’s book now!

Kate McShea

If you’re a busy mom who is not yet ready to give up on her dreams, but is in need of real advice from someone who has walked in your shoes, then this is a must read! 

Inside Cari shares her personal process to growing a thriving business that you love, without sacrificing those that matter most to you. The tools and processes you learn inside this book will change your life. 

Kat Krasilnikoff

Cari is a powerhouse entrepreneur and heart-centered leader who inspires, educates, elevates and empowers people to be their best.

I've seen first-hand how she has grown from a hungry student into a go-to, impactful trainer and mentor. Listen and learn from Cari and create the business and life of your dreams!

JT DeBolt

Cari is down to earth and really understands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. She has a servant heart and is always willing to share the knowledge she has gained. Her teaching methods are simple and easy to follow, creating amazing results for those she teaches. Cari knows her stuff and is always willing to share to lift others.

Brooke Elder

I'm blown away by how Cari is able to break down complex ideas and processes into bite sized chunks that I can use inside my business.  Her mentorship and guidance has been a key component of my growth and transformation as I continue to move forward in my quest to make an impact in the lives of others.

Becky Graff

Cari was instrumental in helping me become the leader I am today. Her focus is always on the success of those she is mentoring. You never feel that she is above you, but rather that she believes in you and wants to help you become all that you can be. I have relied on her guidance and expertise in my own journey.

Debbie Dunford

Cari’s straightforward, helpful and nurturing style creates the perfect formula for anyone to implement her strategy into their own business. 

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a breakthrough survival guide that helps navigate the pitfalls of entrepreneurship… Then ‘You Got This Girl’ is written specifically for you! 

Bill Pescosolido

Cari walks the walk and has enough real life experience as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur to share meaningful insights on the ins and outs of how to navigate life. She’s seen the lows and has climbed her way to an admirable amount of success through grit, perseverance, and a quest for personal development that is 100% genuine.

Adrienne Hill

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